For my book project, I’m proposing making a book that captures the type of outdoor adventures that I like to go on. I like hiking, so I plan on capturing a lot of pictures from the hikes that I’m going on this semester. One of the most immediate hikes I am going to do is at Yosemite National Forest for 3 days. I also like a lot of local places like double peek and Santa Rosa Plateau. Typically when I hike, I don’t go alone. I want to capture shots not only of nature but of the people I go with. The Project will be a reflection of my active hobbies. Preferably, I want to not only capture hiking, but any outdoor activities that I do. I want to tell a story by capturing photos of the preparation that goes into these activities, capture us enjoying the activities, and capture what follows these activities, but also capture the humor that usually goes along with it. I am really looking forward to it and I think that it will be very memorable.

C Co Newsletter

Hello fellow cadets, family and friends. This semester, cadets have been working very hard to achieve the best the can possibly achieve. I present to you this newsletter so you can have a glimpse of what cadet life was like throughout the semester. I hope you enjoy!

C Co Spring Summer Newsletter

Art event 4

When it comes to music, I like to consider myself very open to anything that is intriguing as well as takes a certain level of skill to craft. I love listening music that is old and new, and love hearing things I have never heard before. That being said, it is very common for people to interpret something that they haven’t heard before or something that is very far from the ordinary as garbage at first exposure to it. Admittedly, though I claim to be enthusiastic about discovering music, I also fall into the category of feeling a certain a mount of discomfort when initially exposed to sounds unfamiliar to my seasoned ears.

This new genre of music that I have recently exposed myself to is one that I did not openly welcome my first few times hearing it. In fact, I practically shunned it for not sounding like music at all to me. It wasn’t until I heard a song by what many consider one of the greatest artists of the genre, Skrillex. This dub step song caught me so off guard I was surprised myself to find out how much I was enjoying it. It was exposed to me one day while watching an episode of the new Beavis and Butthead. During the section when they were criticizing music videos, the song “Equinox” came up. At first it starts off calmly with a sound that I am familiar with and that I can bop my head to. Then out of nowhere the sound cuts off and you hear the screaming of this woman as she brings in the wave of awesomeness that rushed into my ears. Not only did I enjoy it, but also I went on to download the songs and still to this day play them when I have the chance.

Art Event 3

When it comes to movies, I’m generally the type of person that doesn’t watch every movie that comes out. I only tend to go out of my way to watch a movie only if I hear tons of fantastic feedback, or if there is something about the movie that really caught my interest. That being said, I have never been the person who was ashamed to watch a chick flick, just as long as it has an intriguing story and it is not cheesy.

After hearing so much positive feedback from Black Swan, I was slightly skeptical as to how I would enjoy the movie. It was clear that it wasn’t going to be the standard love movie that is popular for girls. Beyond that, I was also slightly baffled as to how so many can find a movie about ballet to be so riveting. Finally after contemplating it for a long time I decided to give it a spin.

Right away I noticed the movie has a much darker feel and mood to it that what I had anticipated. Not only was it dark but also I can admit that it had some very attractive women staring in it. The awesome thing about this movie though was the amazing pacing the story had. Not once was there a moment where they pulled you out of the movie to explain the plot or to distract you from the amazing mood and atmosphere that was created. The story was one that isn’t quite so obvious at first. Some of the people I had watched it didn’t really even understand it and I had to explain to them what exactly happened. This turned out to be one of my favorite movies and I went on to watch it many more times. Definitely recommended in my book.

Art Event 2

I am currently in a band known as Lights Dawn. Lights Dawn is a hip-hop group that has influences from Latin, Soul, and other forms of music. Our band is composed of an MC, a guitarist, a bassist/singer, an MPC player and me on drums, If you are not familiar with what an MPC is, it is a machine that can store short samples and play the sounds at the push of a pad. It does way more but that is its primary purpose during our live performances.

We played at the Public House in old town Temecula where you must be twenty-one or above since they serve alcohol there. However, many of the people that followed us there were minors and managed to make it through the door before they started booting minors.

For our sets, we do mainly original songs that were recorded before I joined the group. However, since I have joined we have made quite a few unrecorded songs that we perform at our shows. We also do some cover songs as well as some mashups that get mixed into either one of the cover songs, or one of our originals.

The gig that night turned out well. There were many people there from the either the apple store or who heard about us through Versus clothing company. One of the cover songs we played was a bit sketchy due to the fact that we just decided to play it without practicing it. However the audience still recognized it and enjoyed what was a surprise for not only them but for us as well.

Art Event 1

This semester, I am enrolled in the Jazz ensemble. The group consists of roughly 13 people. There are only four horns so our horn section is quite small. My roll in the group is to play the trap drums, the congas, and other percussive instruments.

For our end of the semester concert, we prepared around 9 musical arrangements with styles ranging from blues to Latin. Among the songs I had to play on the drums, there were two Latin pieces and one jazz piece in the uncommon time signature of 5/4. The song is famously known as “Take Five.”

As we came out from behind the curtains I noticed the seats were much fuller than what I had anticipated. We played through our set list without much dramatic going wrong. There were instances when entire sections had forgotten how to start the song and end the song and there was some confusion at the end of phrases on where to go next. However, the audience would have never known the structure we originally intended to play since we did a great job of covering our mistakes and proceeding forward.

The audience was composed mainly of the friends and families of the musicians performing that night. The professor had also invited students from other classes that he teaches and offered them the incentive of writing about it for an extra credit assignment.